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Pierre Hilaire

Vocalist and guitarist, Pierre Hilaire, a New York native, went to a music school where he learned theory and basic techniques for playing the guitar. “After each lesson, my guitar teacher would show off playing riffs for the students. I would come back the next week and play exactly what he had played. He was upset, and totally discouraged me from continuing,” Hilaire said. “much to the disappointment of my Dad who was also a musician, I quit.” 
Hilaire went to master several instruments and became a prolific songwriter and producer. Hilaire works for the School District of Desoto as a Behavior Intervention Specialist. Hilaire is on the Board of Directors of his Charitable Trust, Eyas Corporation and has served as past President. For many years Eyas managed A Group Home for Adults with Developmental Disabilities.  After he and his Wife sold the Group Home, they and Pierre's brothers re-focused the Charity to Fighting Melanoma, a deadly form of Skin Cancer.  Eyas currently operates under the dba Hilaire Foundation for Melanoma.  He also donates his time and talents to the American Cancer Society and Foundation for Fighting Blindness. Hilaire has lived in Florida for 18 years. 

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