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Our newest member to the band Ricky McDonald, a native Florida who bring many years of drumming experience. Ricky started his first band when he was 15 and is still going strong.  He has performed with many bands through Florida over his career and was with a very popular band back in the 80’s from Arcadia Florida, the J. R. Ritch band. They performed at one time as backup band for Dicky Betts from the Allman Brothers band.  With their popularity the band ended up on their own tour.  

Along with playing with The Kollections, Ricky, in his off time, performs with two other bands he has formed, The Shallow Water Band and the Dynamic Do-Overs.

While acquiring his musical background throughout the years, he has earned his Bachelor degree and a thirty-three-year retirement with the state of Florida serving in various types of law enforcement.  Ricky is a true Florida cracker, just ask him, he’ll explain.  He has been riding the range and working cattle his whole life on the family ranch.

Don’t let his appearance fool you, he has played music from pop to rock to disco and yes even country. Ricky is a well-rounded drummer for this unique and fun loving band. 

Ricky McDonald

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