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Patrick Hilaire

Patrick Hilaire has moved to the Bass...  Patrick started sitting in with The Kollections at age 12 filling in on Bass Guitar before moving to Electric Guitar and Keyboard. Patrick has been a full time member of the Kollections for about a year.  In addition to playing Electric Guitar, Keyboard, Patrick also sings. Patrick is an extremely talented young man who’s passion for music developed in his dad’s studio.  "Patch", as he is affectionately called, has also grown into a talented songwriter who also produces music for his older brother Christian Hilaire as well as various other artists in the Arcadia/Port Charlotte area.  

Patch attends Desoto High School and aspires to be a School Psychologist.  He plans on obtaining his Masters and Doctorate in the field of Psychology hoping to eventually work in the School District.  He continues to make his Parents Pierre and Dawn Hilaire proud.

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